Newsletter – Winter 2023

I WANT TO BEGIN THIS NEWSLETTER BY EXPRESSING MY GRATITUDE to the many of you who have contributed to our Library project. The response has been terrific. Thank you.

As you will read in this issue of the newsletter, Mike Cheely, who leads the library project, gives us an update of what we have done so far and what remains to be accomplished in our library.

In this issue also, we have a great article by Peter James, a senior at The Heights School. Peter gives us a day-by-day account of our first Christmas trip to the Outer Banks. But before you read the article, here’s the back story on why we decided to start this new Christmas tradition.

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Newsletter – Spring 2021

As this hectic year moves to a close, Tenley is wrapping up its academic programs and planning for another busy summer. In this issue you will hear from Will Pecknold about how Tenley shaped his high school experience these past four years.

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Newsletter, Winter 2020

Dear Friends of Tenley,


As you will read in the next couple pages, the Sophomore Career Orientation Seminar has had a great line-up of speakers so far this year. Joseph Sypal, one of the seminar participants, will tell us about his experience attending the different presentations. Whether the topic was cybersecurity, civil service, sports leadership, academia, or business entrepreneurship, the monthly events have introduced our students to great career opportunities and the means to reach them. Ricky Ybarra, who coordinates the Seminar, continues to invite terrific speakers.

Mike Cheely has been leading the Freshman Big Picture Seminar this year. Over the last few months, participants have had the chance to discuss topics as varied as time management, true friendship, character growth, and goal setting. Each session has included a presentation and an opportunity for a Socratic discussion of the topic. In the coming months they will have a chance to discuss virtuous leadership, the importance of reading, and the gift of freedom.

Junior Year is a key time for students to firm up their college selection of colleges to apply to is an arduous process. There are tests to take, essays to write, colleges to visit, etc. The College Orientation Seminar seeks to supplement and reinforce what the college counselors in the participants’ schools provide. So far this year, I have introduced topics such as how to make a preliminary list of colleges, how to prepare for a college visit, and how to make sure one has a productive summer. This semester I will discuss with the seminar participants topics such as the need to study the humanities in a tech world and keeping one’s character and faith in college.

Lucas Lopes has been leading the Truth on Trial Seminar for the seniors. This seminar seeks to help the participants acquire the intellectual tools to combat the ideology-driven curriculums found in most college campuses. So far this year, students have been introduced to great thinkers who have dealt with issues as varied as evolution, relativism, and secular humanism. Before the year ends, they will also have discussed individualism, personal rights, the meaning of marriage, and the role of work in one’s personal development.

Finally, I just wanted to let you know that, as in previous years, Tenley Study Center is coordinating all of its summer programs with Youth Service International. These programs include High School and Beyond, the Practical Leadership Seminar, the Peru Service Project, the Philosophy and Ethics Seminar, and the Midtown Achievement Program. See our website at or for details about each program including content, dates, and intended grade.

Once again, thank you so much for your generosity in supporting Tenley Study Center. It is precisely that generosity that allows us to continue our work in forming young men of character and mettle.


Joe Cardenas

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Newsletter, Spring 2019

Here’s the latest edition of our popular newsletter. In this issue, read all about why some of the middle school students love Club Garrison and what some of our High School boys did this winter break in the slopes of Killington Mountain.

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