Young Professional Programs

Tenley sponsors guest speakers twice a month to help young professionals develop solid perspective and experience for their lives ahead:

  • Professional Life: Speakers share experience in living out the principles for a just society, as explained in the Catholic Social Teaching. They demonstrate how these principles, lived in the ordinary workplace, can keep society functioning in a manner consistent with human dignity. They also give practical professional advice on how to build the foundation for a successful career.
  • Family Life: These talks emphasize the importance of starting now to develop the habits of generosity required to be successful husbands and fathers, and to lay the groundwork while dating that will lead to healthy families and lifelong marriages. Topics include “Managing the Transition from Bachelor to Husband to Father,” “Fostering the Intellectual Life of Your Family,” and many others.


The programs are intended for young men 20 to 29 years old.

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For more information:

Bill Dardis 202-538-3297 or