Tenley is organizing a trip to the Smoky Mountains for rising Juniors and Seniors.

This trip will be a great opportunity for your son to get some exercise with friends after the big corona virus lockdown. The trip will include daily hikes, swimming, as well as Mass, Rosary, and preached meditations by Fr. Diego. To avoid using different campsites and locations every night, we are renting a large cabin which will be our home base.

  • Dates: Sunday, June 28-Friday, July 3
  • Cost: $275. (Includes all meals, gas and tolls, and lodging.)
  • Priority deadline: Sunday, June 14th

Space is limited, so please sign up soon! If your son had already been accepted to this summer’s Peru trip, he will be automatically accepted after he fill out the application form. For all other applicants, we will take into account their regular participation in Tenley activities.   Please email Joe Cardenas at jcardenas@tenley.org with any questions.

Electronic/Smartphone Policy

In order to foster friendship and dialogue among the participants, cell phones and other electronic devices will be collected by the staff. In case of emergencies, to contact your son right away, please call Lucas Lopes at (202) 445-4640.

Medical Waiver

Please click on the picture below to access the medical waiver