High School Seminar Series

Sophomore Seminar – Description and Topics

One Tuesday per month from 6 – 8:30 pm

Career Orientation

P1010785This Seminar introduces students to diverse career paths through a series of presentations by leading professionals. Speakers address the schooling and preparation needed for their field, the daily duties and activities they encounter, and the interesting challenges and opportunities that arise in their line of work. Students become aware of the various ways that they can serve society and support their families in the future, and also are encouraged to take their studies seriously as preparation for a challenging and fruitful professional career.

Dates and Topics

9/19 Medicine
10/3 Public Life, Politics
11/7 Law
12/12 Engineering
1/23 Computer Science, Coding
2/6 Business and Finance
3/6 Intelligence / National Security / Military
4/10 Architecture
5/1 Journalism