High School Seminar Series

Senior Seminar – Description and Topics

One Wednesday per month from 6 – 8:30 pm

Truth on Trial

study 3One of the critical issues for our society is moral relativism–the idea that there are no abiding values by which to orient our lives. By giving students a philosophical grounding in topics surrounding truth, knowledge and the goal of human life, this seminar helps them to recognize and critique relativistic claims which are commonly advanced in the media, public policy and academia. As a result, they will be better prepared to continue their intellectual and cultural development in the university.

Dates and Topics

9/20 Relativism
10/4 Evolution
11/8 Freedom and Authority
12/6 Conscience and the Moral Law
1/31 Secular Humanism
2/7 Rights, Individualism, Libertarianism
3/7 The Immateriality of the Soul
4/11 The Meaning of Marriage
5/2 Work, Play & Leisure