High School Seminar Series

Junior Seminar – Description and Topics

One Wednesday per month from 6 – 8:30 pm


College Orientation

Junior Year is a key time to begin to firm up your college decision.  But making this decision and being able to go to one’s college of choice is an arduous progress.  There are tests to take, essays to write, colleges to visit, etc.  This seminar seeks to supplement and reinforce what your school’s college orientation program already provides.

Dates and Topics


Navigating the Tests

PSAT’s, SAT, ACT, AP’s… SOS! Which ones to take and when.


Mind the App

Completing the Common Application:
Grades, Letters of Recommendation, and Extracurriculars.


Narrowing the List

What should I look for when choosing a college?
From Academics to Sports—and everything in between.


Seeing is Believing

How to Plan your College Visit… what to look for;
when to go; what to ask.


Summer Counts

Getting the most out of internships and volunteer jobs.
Why they matter in your college application process.


Because I’m Free

The Liberal Arts and Practical Training.
What do you want to get out of college?


The X Marks the Spot

If you want to get there… you first need to know your
destination. Why having a plan of studies is the key to
success in college.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Having a Blast; Growing in Faith; Staying the Course.


Who am I?

Writing your best essay yet… that might open the door
to the college of your choice.