High School Seminar Series

Freshman Seminar – Description and Topics

Every other Thursday from 6 – 8:30 pm

seminar wideThe Big Picture

The Freshman Seminar helps students see ‘the big picture’ of their life. Freshman year is not too early to start thinking about what kind of father, husband, professional, and friend one wants to be as an adult. Besides helping students to think about their future, the seminar addresses the challenges they will encounter along the way to maturity. Classes include a mixture of reading, discussion, lecture, debate, and student presentations.

Dates and Topics

9/28 The Struggle for Success Starts Now
10/12 What Colleges are Looking For

The Tools You Need To Succeed: The Right Habits

10/26 What is Character?
11/9 Self-Knowledge
11/30 Self-Mastery
12/14 Time Management
1/4 Study Habits
1/25 Productive Summers vs. Wasted Summers
 2/8  Professional Etiquette and Resume Workshop

Meeting Your Challenges Head-on

2/22 Industriousness vs. Laziness
3/8 Freedom vs. Addiction
3/15 Maturity vs. Immaturity and Lack of Ambition
4/12 Friendship vs. Isolation and Selfishness
5/3 Leadership vs. Peer Pressure

The Tools You Need to Succeed: The Right Ideas

5/17 Becoming a Man of Culture
5/31 Reality vs. Relativism